Breaking Solar Barriers

Lambda’s active coating boosts PV output by 10%

Diagram of a simple PV cell
Diagram of a simple PV cell

At the heart of any panel is a PV cell, protected by a layer of glass. Sunlight passes through the glass and into the cell where it produces electricity.

Sunlight includes all visible colours plus radiation such as Ultraviolet. A common PV cell works best converting red light into electricity, but is much less effective at converting blue-green light, where the sun’s energy is strongest.

Lambda's coating added to increase efficiency
Lambda’s coating added to increase efficiency

Lambda is designing an active coating to be applied to PV glass.

As blue or green light passes through it will be converted to red and the electrical output will increase.

After just 7 months development Lambda has obtained a prototype yielding a 2% increase in electrical power output. Academic research indicates that a 10% increase is feasible. Lambda is highly confident of achieving such performance and is now developing its second generation prototype.

Lambda prototyping results

Benefits of Lambda’s active coating:

  • Electrical power output of panel increases by up to 10%
  • Panel temperature reduces due to greater efficiency
  • Harmful radiation prevented from damaging the PV cell
  • Improved lifetime, useful for PV application in desert conditions


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